Monday, November 12, 2018

M.Shadows annoyed by music sites that "blow things out of proportion"

In the brand new issue of Metal Hammer magazine, M.Shadows was asked if it "really annoys" him when certain music web sites types "blow things out of proportion." He responded: "It annoys me when something cool or relevant happens and it doesn't get written about. Then, other times, they will take one line from some random interview and blow everything out of proportion. Blind follow the blind. If one web site picks it up, then they all have to. Why not write your own articles? I wish press and fans cared more about the songs than other bullshit that comes along with it. A lot of records and bands are successful or fail based off initial sentiment. For instance, you see one article with a strong opinion all over the place and it dominates the narrative. I wish people would think for themselves. There's not a lot of that going on these days."


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